Their classroom management tries to focus on student-centered; using many material, activities group and student interaction. Students was so good. First time that I saw them, I was very happy because they greeted me with Thai word when they know I am from Thailand and they tried to use Thai words with me.


They had surprise to me, there were a red carpet to walk into the room, gave the flowers, the gifts and there were Thai words on the board, like I'm an important and very impressed at the same time. I don’t think that an exchange student from Thailand will get good welcome like this.

In my class, they were always attentive and enjoyed. They looked be happy when I taught. Most of my classrooms used a blackboard, I tried to use a blackboard and chalk that I never use it before. It challenged me too much. My hair skirt all white It was very funny, but it was a new event that got. I had to teach 6 hours per day and made me know my defects; light voice, explain not clearly and can't control classroom.

I got new techniques, teaching method and classroom management for using in my class in Thailand.

It was the right decision for me to come to this university

About Me
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Hello! My name is Piriyaporn Pradubpecth 

I'm 4th year student, Faculty of Education

Mathematics(English Program) major

at Valaya Along Rajabhat University

I had a chance to join the SEA Teacher Project or

the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia”

for having teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. 


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